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What can we do for you?


What can 'For Sale By Sally In Spain' do for you?

After a sale has been agreed we will be your contact through to completion and help with any after sales queries or help that is needed with services, recommended tradesmen etc, help with setting up wifi etc. So, we offer a complete service from start to finish to make your purchase as stress free as possible.We do not apply any pressure or hard sell and don´t arrange inspection trips where you are given accommodation and food and then expected to sign on the line at the end of your viewings, this goes against everything we believe. As a property is a big purchase you need to be fully informed about every aspect of a purchase in this region, the additional costs associated with a purchase such as buying tax, land registry, notary and solicitors fees which are on top of the agreed sales price.

Buyers, what do you expect from For Sale By Sally In Spain when you view properties through us?

Firstly we need to find you the right property that meets your criteria. We will not waste your time showing you around unsuitable properties, or properties that are beyond your budget.

We have a series of questions that will help us determine whether the area is suitable for you and your individual requirements. Our team will then select the best suited properties from our varied selection, we will always advise you of both the positives and any negatives dependant on your personal specification, for example if you have mobility issue then we would point out how many steps there maybe to enter the property so you are fully informed and we don´t waste your time showing you unsuitable properties.

We will then book the appointments and personally accompany you around the properties, translating when necessary any questions you may have if the owners are Spanish, our agents are fluent in English and Spanish.

Having over 18 years’ experience living here we can answer any of your questions re the area or recommendations of where to find anything you want, we can guarantee you will have our individual attention when you come to Spain to view properties with us.

We always endeavour to make your transition into Spanish life as easy, stress free and enjoyable as possible, no question is too big or too small, we are here to help every step of the way!


The Purchase Process

What Happens when we have found you the property you want to buy?

Normally you view a small selection of properties that meet your criteria or with the odd compromise but something that may be of interest (our wild card!). Then we will ask you the positives and negatives of each property viewed to give feedback to the vendors and to find out if we have found `the one` you were looking for, or if there are any others that you may like? Once you have found 'the one' then we will arrange a second viewing and after that we can then negotiate with the vendors for you and come to an agreed sales price.

We will then introduce you to one of our Spanish - English-speaking solicitors who will oversee the whole purchase procedure for you, making the whole process stress free. We have a list of recommended solicitors’ dependant what type of property you buy, urbanized area, rural area, beach area etc and it also depends in which area you buy as always good to use a local solicitor that can visit the house, knows of any future plans in the area etc. We only recommend the good solicitors that are thorough and that over the years we know have only given good advice to our clients and you are indeed safe in their hands. Being local too they are good for aftersales such as Spanish wills, yearly taxes, etc.

The Solicitor will normally recommend the following (if you don´t live in Spain permanently).

Firstly: To arrange a Power of Attorney to purchase the property on your behalf and in your name, this allows you to return to your home country where you reside, whilst your solicitor continues with the purchase and with the Power of Attorney he/she can apply for your (NIE Spanish tax numbers) which you will need in order to complete the sale and purchase a property in Spain.

Secondly: You will then be accompanied to one of the local Banks to open a Spanish Bank Account, normally your solicitor will accompany you or he/she can open an account for you with their Power of Attorney if you don´t have time, and if necessary we can also put you in touch with a mortgage broker that speaks your language.

Thirdly: We will ask for your passport details and address in the country you reside in, you will be asked to sign a reservation contract (written in Spanish and English if either of the parties are Spanish) and pay a €3000 reservation deposit by bank transfer into our company client account ‘Smart Move 2 Spain, S.L’. This is to secure the house for you and take it off the market with no further viewings being allowed, whilst the legal searches are being done.At this point we will clarify the expected time scale and any finer points of the purchase or queries that you may have with the sellers, for example if the property comes furnished then an inventory will also be created and signed by both parties so there is no confusion as to what is included in the sales price. As we are bilingual, if the vendors are Spanish, we will translate everything for you. At this stage everything has to be totally transparent and noted in the Reservation contract as an agreement between both parties as the end goal for us is happy vendors and very happy and satisfied buyers!

The Lawyer now starts the purchase procedure / legal searches on your behalf and in approximately 2/3 weeks, once he/she has fully informed you of the results, then you enter into the 'contract of sale' pay the balance of the 10% and authorise us (Smart Move 2 Spain, S.L) to transfer your €3000 directly to the vendors. That is the major bit out of the way, then we just wait for completion day when the buyer is in full funds, their NIE numbers have arrived and an appointment has been made at the notary.

If you have any questions about the above, please don´t hesitate in contacting us on , we are here to help every step of the way and we look forward to working with you!

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